Domino’s Pizza Can Be Ordered By Pressing A Button

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Domino’s Pizza once proposed that it would use emojis to allow people to send for pizza whenever they want. It’s just because modern technology, while not really convenient, can be complicated. You’ll have to call people on the other line to talk about your pizza, and they’ll even let you personalise it.

Emojis are already convenient. But if that doesn’t work for you, Domino’s intends to use the Pizza Button. Yes, it’s like Back to the Future, except it’s the future already!

The Easy Order, available only in the United Kingdom, will have customers only press a button to get a pizza straight to their address, or even wherever they are.

Manufactured by Flic, the device is a magnetic button that pairs with an application on your phone to register your current address, save your order, payment details and other details you enter on Domino’s website.

It even saves your preferences, but it would ask you once if you’d like extra hot sauce or chilli flakes, which isn’t a complication in itself, right?

Where There’s Water, There’s Life!

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Perhaps one of the most amazing things I’ve come across today is the fact that scientists have found strong evidence that life once thrived in Mars. The red planet just turned more awesome when studies indicate water once flowed, or possibly still flowing, in the planet. Where there’s water, there’s life. Where water flows, nutrients flourish.

Photographs show cliffs and walls having some flows that form patterns recognisable as water. Some scientists say the discovery can be crucial should a science team head and colonise Mars

Uncertain Origins

Scientists are baffled about the source of the water. It’s possibly made from underground ice or salty aquifers. However, scientists aren’t downplaying the condensation and precipitation of the Martian atmosphere, which is almost invisible to scientists.

It’s amazing to hear from scientists such as NASA Mars Exploration Lead Scientist Michael Meyer sound convinced of strong evidence about liquid water being on Mars. It’s even more exciting when scientists liquid water exists on the surface of Mars today.

Possibly Wet

As Meyer said, Mars can still be we today. NASA scientists uncovered photographic evidence which point to the possible appearance of an ocean that covered the planet’s north hemisphere completely. The Mars Global Surveyor once showed a weird video of a Martian wall bursting with water.

Scientists said the existence of infrared signatures, which signify the existence of hydrated salts, is evidence enough Mars still has water flowing underground. Scientists said they would look for water in all inspected sites.

What an exciting time to be alive!

Tony Abbott’s Fight Against Renewable Energy Source Development Is Meaningless

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Let’s be honest here. Tony Abott is not always our type of guy. The Australian Prime Minister has plenty of flak against almost anything except the things that matter most to him. A hilarious look at the problem is when he start shooting spew all over Australia’s renewable energy technologies.

According to a fictional account created by the Climate Publishers Network’s Tom Arup, Abbott hopped on his bike and had set off for a ride towards Rottnest Island and had found the windfarms to be visually awful, noisy and a potential health risk.

The last sentence of the first paragraph is just outrageous, don’t you think so?

Many environmentalists are slamming the way Abbott is systematically trying to erase renewable energy technologies in Australia. According to Abbott’s opposition, he is undermining the entire £2.9 billion Australian renewable energy industry.

What’s wrong with renewable technologies? Abbott said existing renewable technology improvements will undermine the progress of new energy production processes.

Local media has reacted to Abbott’s advances against the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Can Abbott stop Australia’s 1,800 wind turbines and 1.4 million rooftop solar systems? I don’t think so. But I hope he doesn’t try too hard because that can and will cause problems.

In A Nutshell, This Is The Problem Of The World [Infographic]

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It’s always been about geopolitics when it comes to environmental opportunities to improve energy production. We can also blame the fact that humans are creatures of habit; wanting to remain with the status quo rather than suffer for something that would improve their lives.  But then, global warming is irreversible and attitudes can be. This infographic actually shows the very trouble our world and its governments are facing.

What Tells The Story Of Prehistoric Climate Change? It’s Unbelievable! Droplets Of Water!

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Researchers of prehistoric climate change confirm that the drip of water underground tells about the change weather during the time.


The researchers explain that the water picks up minerals and disperses them. These cake together and form layers that grow during wet periods.

Researchers used the principle of radioactive decay of uranium into thorium. A combination of the amount of water seeping into the cave and the concentrations of carbon dioxide inside the cave helps scientists tell the precipitation in the environment.

The researchers have published their findings in the Geophysical Research Letters journal. Their latest study observed a cave in north east India and created a detailed record of the last 50 years of growth of a stalagmite.

The stalagmite revealed the events in El Nino. The chemistry of minerals indicated more storms happening above the cave. During the El Nino periods, the water also seeped into the cave and travelled much farther before it fell.


Tendetza’s Killing Covered Up By The Ecuadorian Government

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According to Shuar Leader Domingo Ankuash, the Ecuadorian government had covered up the killing of renowned environmentalist in Latin America Jose Tendetza. Ankuash added that Tendetza had been tortured before his body was thrown into the river.


Tendetza was to begin a protest in Peru over the open-pit mining of several reputable Chinese mining companies.

Tendetza has many enemies due to his environmentalist campaigns against mining companies in Latin America.

Meanwhile, Ecuador Interior Minister Jose Serrano upheld that the investigation regarding Tendetza’s death is to be independently performed by the Shuar federation. He said the claims that the government had “covered up” the incident is preposterous.

About 1.3m hectares of natural habitat is conserved by a scheme of rewarding communities and landowners. This reward scheme had helped preserved Ecuador’s environment effectively since 2006. Chinese mining companies, however, penetrate several areas of Ecuador for mining activities, which directly affect the indigenous tribes including the Shuar.

In his letter, UK-Ecuador Ambassador Juan Falconi Puig describes his perspective of the situation.

I Bet You Didn’t Know Human Waste Had GOLD In It! Don’t Believe Me? Read On!

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Did you know that fortunes have been going down the drain? Latest research from Geologists show that human waste is actually harmful to the environment. What’s harmful is that humans have precious metals in their waste, such as gold.

Geological research confirms the presence of gold, silver and platinum at commercially viable levels. Kathleen Smith of the US Geological Survey confirms the report.

“The gold we found was at the level of a minimal mineral deposit.”

“If you can get rid of some of the nuisance metals that currently limit how much of these biosolids we can use on fields and forests, and at the same time recover valuable metals and other elements, that’s a win-win,” she said.

The Arizona Stte University did a previous study which indicated that a city of one million people may be flushing around £8.7m worth of precious metals down porcelain thrones and the sewers yearly.

Smith noted that precious metals are everywhere. They are used in everyday products such as shampoos, detergents, clothing and body odour repellents. Waste matter ends up carrying the substances where they become leftover composites.

She said the geologists are interested in finding gold and other metals in human waste and even technological waste, which includes discarded gadgets, computers and alloys.

Recycling for Newbies [Infographics]

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Three Simple Green Tips That You Could Do At Home

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Wanting to help reduce the pollution in the world in your own small way? You just need to look around and see anything you could do quickly to help. Everyone has a hectic schedule nowadays, and these three things could help you lower your electricity costs too.

  1. Lights

Replacing your lights with LED lights instead of fluorescent lights, you can save lots of power. LED lights only spend around ¼ of the electricity generated by fluorescent lights. If an entire country switched to LED, it actually reduces the power consumption of about one million cars out on the road.

  1. Energy Saving Appliances

Energy saving appliances are quite expensive, but that is because they are a huge investment for you. Modern dishwashers do not need to rinse. Most of them nowadays use steam to clean your plates without having to turn on the faucet. So turn off the tap and avoid the dishwashing bowl in cleaning your dishes.

  1. Pre-Heating Ovens

Ovens are crucial especially to households that have no time to cook. Most of them pre-heat TV dinners and ready-to-eat meals when they get home. Pre-heating ovens costs lots of energy from your oil consumption, a very bad idea if you’re trying to save the environment along with some money on the side.

Three Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

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Most guides ask you to invest in renewable energy and create a huge garden on top of your home. Those don’t actually sound like bad ideas. However, they take much time and effort to start. You want to start with something instantly achievable, and here are three eco-friendly adjustments you could easily do at home.

  1. Plant-Based Products

Insecticides, pest-killers, air-fresheners and other aerosol sprays are made from deadly chemicals. Aerosols also emit destructive carbon emissions that damage the Ozone layer. Plant-based products for household cleaning, fragrance and maintenance are available in the market. They may cost a bit higher than usual, but they do the job very well and reduce the risk of lung diseases in your home.

  1. Spending a Day Eating Only Veggies

Livestock and not cars are the main reason for increased greenhouse gas pollution. Methane gas produced from livestock digestion gets trapped in the atmosphere. Imagine if each family in a country spends a day eating only vegetables for just one day. They would be helping reduce the production of livestock, and consequently greenhouse gases.

  1. Insulation

Insulation is a small modification in your home that allows your HVAC to trap the temperature inside the house and keep the outside temperature outside your home’s walls. You could improve your home’s energy savings by 30% too. Add thermal shades with your windows, and you could block the sun or lower the thermostat’s numbers during the winter.